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SWPal offers you a shopping cart service with great features to help you run your online business. To learn more, please see the feature details.

  • Customizable shopping cart

    You can customize the look and feel of your shopping cart to completely integrate it into your website and blog. You can also customize the "Thank You" page and post-sale email to provide instructions and other information you would like to inform your customers of.

  • No installation and easy to implement

    SWPal shopping cart does not require any installation and programming. Simply put a secured link on your website and blog and start selling.

  • Secure shopping cart and order forms

    Our shopping cart and order forms are secured by 256-bit SSL which protects customer privacy from hackers.

  • Supporting both Buy Now and Subscription modes

    Buy Now mode allows you to sell products in which customers are charged once only, such as software licenses and e-books. You can also sell products on a subscription basis which requires customers to pay periodically, such as anti-virus software and web hosting. The system also allows you to establish a setup fee and a trial period.

  • Integrating with multiple payment processors

    Our system integrates with PayPal and Google Checkout to collect payments for you. Choice is always good for customers.

  • Supporting multi-currency

    You can choose one of the major currencies as the currency you price and charge for your products.

  • Flexible discount offer management

    By offering volume discounts, bundle discounts and coupons to your customers, you can attract more sales, up-sell to customers and improve your bottom line. Once you set up your discount offers, the shopping cart is able to apply them automatically to customer orders.

  • Electronic delivery of files and codes

    After purchasing, our system is able to automatically deliver download links and codes to customers. You can set link expiration by days and number of downloads to secure your files.

  • Inventory management of stored codes

    If you are selling products with stored codes, our system can notify you via email when the number of codes is down to a point you select. Then you should store more codes to ensure future customers will receive their codes after purchasing.

  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party systems

    Our system is able to post order data to a remote URL set by you and use responses from the URL as the codes for customers. You can define the parameters through our easy to use web interface. This feature helps you easily capture order data to other systems for management and analytical purposes.

  • Sales tax and VAT calculator

    Sales tax and VAT can be set up by you based on customer regions. You can setup different tax rates for different regions to meet taxation legislation.

  • Auto generating invoices

    Our system generates print-friendly invoices to your customers, so you do not have to handle it by yourself manually.

  • Affiliate network

    Affiliate program helps you expand your business to every corner of the world. You have total control of your affiliates including relationships, commission rates and payments.

  • Google Adwords and Google Analytics tracking

    Google Adwords and Google Analytics are integrated into the shopping cart to help you track your advertisement campaign conversion rates and web traffic.

  • Order management and export function

    You can search and manage your orders in our system through the web interface. You can also export the data as CSV files for backup purposes or analyze it with spreadsheet software.

  • Statistics and reports

    Our system offers statistics and reports to help you improve business performance.

Sign up now and enjoy a 15-day free trial period.